Ventura Valley Scottish Rite


Degrees 4th - 32nd

The regalia pictures and excerpts from the degree descriptions
on the following pages are from the book,
" A Bridge to Light" by Ill. Rex R. Hutchens, 33°.
Copyright 1988, 1995, 2006 by the
Supreme Council of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry,
Southern Jurisdiction of the USA.

The Lodge of Perfection

4th Degree - Secret Master

The apron, like the cordon, is white, edged with black, and has black ties. These two colors symbolize the grief suffered by the Mason's upon hearing of the Master Hiram's death and the loss of the word. As well, they are illustrative of the dualist nature of the universe, containing light and darkness, good and evil, truth and error. The flap is of sky blue with an open eye embroidered upon it in gold, denoting the sun as the great archetype of light, the Ineffable Deity. In its center is a 'Z' embroidered in gold and around it are the two crossed wreaths of laurel and olive.

The jewel is a small ivory key with a black 'Z' upon the wards. It is worn suspended from a broad white ribbon edged in black. The jewel of the Master is a small equilateral triangle of gold emblazoned with the Greek letters: Iota, Alpha and Omega at the apexes. Pike tells us, "The Name of Deity, in many nations, consisted of three letters: among the Greeks, [Iota, Alpha, Omega]; ..." (p. 632). On its reverse are the Samaritan characters Yod, He, and Vau; these three letters, with He duplicated are used to form the Ineffable Name of Deity, called the Tetragammaton, usually pronounced as 'Yahweh'. Pike, though he uses the Hebrew forms, also explains their significance as representing three of the ten Sephiroth, or emanations from Deity, of the Kabalah: Gedulah, Geburah, and Tephareth; that is, Mercy, Justice and Beauty (p. 798).

The significance of the letter 'Z' is esoteric and thus is not proper to be discussed here. It is the initial of the password of this degree. In the Hebrew numerology of the Kabalah its equivalent letter had the value of 7, a number familiar to all Masons.

Practice silence, obedience, fidelity

The teachings of Masonry are not to be taken lightly.
Learning far outlasts physical monuments.
Duties are not to be performed expecting reward -
but expecting personal satisfaction.

May one command who does not know how to obey?

The color black with silver tears, Adonirum,
key of ivory, blazing star, wreath of laurel
and olive leaves.

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