Ventura Valley Scottish Rite Officers 2019

Officers of All Bodies

John Lowe, 33°, Personal Representative

Tailor 'TAG' Gilbert, 32°, Treasurer
Ill. W. Andy Little, 33°, General Secretary
Salvador J. Lopez, Jr., 32°KCCH, Almoner
J. Raul Cifuentes, 32°,  KCCH, Orator
Fred Ervast, 32° KCCH, Prelate

Lodge of Perfection

Roy G. Price, 32°, Venerable Master

Chapter of Rose Croix

Mark Torrez, 32°,Wise Master

Council of Kadosh

Steve Goad, 32° KCCH, Commander


  Ryan A. Phillips, 32° KCCH, Master of Kadosh

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